How will I receive a refund?

If you are due a refund, we will refund the money to the same method used to pay for your purchase. If a refund cannot be made to the original payment method, then a cheque will be sent to the address associated with the order, with the exception if the purchase was made full or in-party with a gift card.

If any product purchased with a gift card is subsequently exchanged for a product of a lower price, any money owed to you will be issued as a gift card or e-voucher. If your purchase was partially paid for with a gift card and a refund is payable to you, your gift card will be refunded up to the card’s original value. If you exceed the card’s original value, any outstanding balance owed will be refunded via the other payment method originally used for your purchase. If you no longer have the gift card that you used to purchase the returned good(s), we can issue you a new gift card to replace it. We can then issue a refund value of up to the amount of the original card’s value.

Once a refund has been issued you will receive a confirmation email detailing the amount which has been refunded and the item which we have received back.

We aim to process all returns as quickly as possible and you should receive confirmation of your refund within a week of having returned the item. Please note that if you have been provided with our freepost address it may take up to 14 days to receive confirmation of your refund. The delay is due to the extra time it takes for freepost items to be delivered. Please also note that at busy times of the year such as public holidays, our refund processing times may increase to reflect shipping delays.

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